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Wellness center at Ski & Wellness Residence Družba****

Wellness for Children – Children‘s Zone

  • Children´s pool with a length of 7.5 meters and a water temperature of 32 ° C
  • An area for water games and entertainment of children of various ages
  • Painted cartoon characters on the walls, floating balls and toys in the children’s pool
  • There are also children’s waist rings and armbands available
  • Right next to the pool is an inflatable castle, where little children can enjoy themselves when they want to leave the water for fun on land


Adult Wellness – Adult Zone

In the adult area you have complete privacy from children and swimmers. It is located in the newly opened part of the Four Seasons Wellness Center with three new saunas and a pool with three contrasting baths at different temperatures. Relax in the extended tepidarium with a view of the Low Tatras.

Galeria post preklad
galeria post parent

Wellness for the whole family

Swimming Pools at the Wellness Centre

25-meter swimming pool

28,5 °C
1,3 m - 1,8 m

Our 25 meter swimming pool is the only pool in Slovakia and the surrounding countries with spring-water. The pool is at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level.
Thanks to a depth of 1.3 – 1.8 m it is suitable for beginners and experienced swimmers.


New outdoor heated pool

36 - 37 °C
Celoročný relax pod holým nebom

Whirlpool with a water spout

36 °C
Extra relaxačné a masážne účinky

Children’s pool

32 °C
Súčasťou detskej zóny

Part of the children’s zone – the playful atmosphere is complemented by floating toys and cartoon figures on the walls.

New whirlpool

36 °C
Súkromie a hydromasážny systém

New Kid´s pool

34 °C
1 - 30 cm

Saunas in the Wellness Center

Dry sauna

 Dry sauna regenerates the body and mind, reduces nervous tension, enhances blood circulation, supports cardiovascular health, and revives the skin. It also reduces pain and fatigue in the muscles, tendons and joints, and improves sleep quality, increasing the body´s immunity.

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Herbal sauna

Herbal sauna is suitable for those who for medical reasons can not use a dry sauna. It has beneficial effects on the respiratory system and the steam action cleanses the skin and promotes its elasticity.

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Eucalyptus sauna

Eucalyptus sauna promotes breathing and a higher quality oxygenation of the body.

Steam bath

Steam bath has a positive effect on the skin, and helps with rheumatism and sleep disorders.

Salt sauna

Salt sauna disinfects and moisturizes the skin, and improves blood circulation. It burns fat and improves metabolism.

Infrared sauna

Thanks to a lower temperature our infrared sauna does not put a heavy load on your body. Its effect is based on the work of infrared rays which penetrate deep under the surface of the skin. This heat  promotes the acceleration of blood circulation, helps reduce muscle stiffness, joint stiffness,  swelling, and has a beneficial effect on the skin. 

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Tatra Strength

A dry sauna with a temperature of 110 ° C, gives you the strength you deserve.

Nordic Sauna

A traditional dry sauna with a temperature of 90 ° C.

Turkish Sauna

A steam bath with a gentle and gradual effect of 45 ° C.

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