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We disinfect every day

Wrote by Ski & Wellness Residence Družba day


New disinfection equipment 

We regularly disinfect all areas with high-quality equipment.

Ozone is a natural cleaning and disinfecting agent. It is the strongest oxidizing agent on Earth, which is used in many areas, such as healthcare, agriculture and the food industry. Ozone is 3,000 times faster than chlorine and 25 times more effective than chloric acid (NOCL) and up to 5,000 times than chloramine (NH2CL) and is much safer. There is no virus, bacteria, mold, fungus and any kind of odor that can resist ozone. That is why we decided in July to purchase a new powerful Ozone Generator GO-14000, with which we regularly disinfect all hotel premises every day.

In addition, we also purchased a MYU 13B UV lamp that destroys bacteria, viruses, microbes, mites and fungi. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will stay with us in a perfectly disinfected room, so you can feel safe and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

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