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We are constantly improving for you

After the last guests left the hotel, the entire Jasná, Nízke Tatry resort remained empty. The soon began snowing and later the beautiful sunny weather came. It is really quiet around the hotel.

However not inside. We have never stopped in the last 21 years and one of the most popular hotels in Slovakia, Ski & Wellness Residence Druzba **** has grown up to its current appearance literally on the go. We have therefore decided to take advantage of the current situation and carry out all repairs, improvements, refurbishments and renovations with a high quality and thoroughness.

You will be surely very pleasantly surprised when you return to the hotel again. Everything will be new and clean. Are you wondering what will change or improve? Today we have looked at places where you, as our guests spend a substantial part of your stay.

Until the arrival of new guests we decided to give several rooms brand new bathrooms, also in the rooms and corridors we are changing the carpets, the renovation of the plaster in the range of 22,000 m2 and we are repainting up to 38,000 m2. All rooms have undergone general cleaning, including, for example, carpet beating and steam cleaning. In addition, we decided to renovate and replace furniture throughout the hotel. The popular and the largest hotel wellness center in Liptov, Four Season is also changing. Renovations take place in saunas, massage rooms and other areas. All the swimming pools are undergoing complete sanitation these days and the filters will be replaced. Would you believe that up to 12 tons of quartz sand will be replaced in pool filters?

We believe that this is the right time to say goodbye to old things and, as is usual with us, we will always do our best to make your next stay at Ski & Wellness Resistance Družba **** exceptional and perfect.

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