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Tips for hiking in the Low Tatras – part I.

Wrote by Ski & Wellness Residence Družba day


How to spend a nice day in the Low Tatras?

Get inspired by a series of our tips for trips and hikes of varying difficulty and length.

To begin with, we would like to introduce you to gentlemen who will accompany you with this series. These gentlemen, owners of the Ski & Wellness Residence Družba **** have been friends since childhood. They grew up in faraway Moscow and were on their first joint tour when they were 12 years old. Nowadays, a few decades later, they get to know the beauties of the Liptov region and the surroundings of our hotel. In the meantime, however, they experienced countless incidents and incredible experiences in the mountains. They marched through the mountains all over world and completed a number of mountain expeditions. One of the owners even defeated the North Half, successfully conquered 7,000, but it was not always easy. He experienced expeditions that lasted up to 28 days, and 2 times he found out what it’s like to be covered in an avalanche. Fortunately, they always managed to dig him it out in time and he miraculously survived even after long minutes under the snow without permanent damage to his health.

Since March, when we had to close the hotel, the owners decided to use the time they did not have before to get to know better our small, but certainly exceptional mountains. And they decided to share their experiences, show the beauties of the Tatra nature and give you interesting tips on how to spend sunny summer days.


Route no. 1: Hotel Družba – Tri Vody – Hotel Družba

The first route is relatively simple, with an elevation gain of only 200 meters, it will take you about 2, at most 3 hours. It is suitable for children, the elderly, and is even very nice during every season. From the Družba hotel you walk through the Jasná resort, past the burnt-out Junior hotel, then the SNP, Grand, the Damián hotel to the Mikulášská chata and the Marmot hotel. The asphalt road ends there and the forest road begins. Here you continue along the yellow hiking trail. Untouched Tatra forests, mountain streams and springs, magical wildlife await you there, regardless of the season. In spring and summer, beautiful blooming flowers, of course mushrooms and various mountain fruits. In winter, beautiful snowy nature and in the background the popular ski slopes. The Low Tatras are simply amazing in every season. The route ends at the confluence of three streams, which gave this place its name – “Three Waters”. You will return to the hotel the same way.


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