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Tips for hiking in the Low Tatras – part IV.

Wrote by Ski & Wellness Residence Družba day


How to spend a nice day in the Low Tatras?

Get inspired by a series of our tips for trips and hikes of varying difficulty and length in Jasna. 

Route no. 4: Hotel Družba**** – Berendej’s Empire– Hotel Družba****

This route is of medium difficulty, lasts 4 to 5 hours and the elevation gain is either 200 or 450 meters, depending on the choice of return route. From the hotel you start on the ski traverse 2a and 2c, go to track no. 5 and there you go on a path to the right into the forest. Here begins the sidewalk, which is well marked and paved. The surrounding landscape, virgin forest, streams with shores covered with moss are literally fascinating and beautiful. You will feel like you are in a magical kingdom: King Berendej, Baba Jaga or the Nordic Troll. This route ends at the “Koniec Širokej Doliny” sign. Here you can turn around and return the same way to the hotel or turn left at the bottom into the valley of the river Demänovka. The road along the river will take you to the bus stop at the cottage Lúčky. You will arrive there in about an hour and from there you will just return to the hotel Ski & Wellness Residence Družba ****.


The route map is marked in orange:



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