Summer in Jasná

The surrounding area and the Low Tatras region offers many possibilities in summer for hikers. You can choose from different levels of difficulty according to distance or time.
Directly from the hotel you can start most of the tours. Just a few meters away is a lake where you can enjoy boating, or take a ride on a water bike and at the same time admire the beautiful views of Chopok. If you prefer cycling, you can choose any of the nearby bike routes.

Hotel Družba Is Located Directly on the Slope Biela Put

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At Hotel Družba inhale the atmosphere of the French Alps, located right in the tourist and ski resort Jasná in the beautiful mountain scenery of the Low Tatras on the northern side of the Chopok Mountain at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level directly on the piste.

Mountain biking

for Children, Adults and Professionals

In the summer season from May to November hotel rental of mountain and trekking bikes is available. For families with children child seats for bicycles are available.
Bike rental directly in the hotel. See and download the bike trails in the area!

  •  Bike rental directly in the hotel
  •  See and download the bike trails in the area!

Tips for Hiking Trips and Activities in Jasná Chopok and Surroundings During the Summer Months

Hiking Trails

Vrbické Pleso – Mountain Lake

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Easy hike with no change in elevation, time: 30 min.
Hotel Ski & Wellness Residence Družba – parking Chopok – around Vrbické Lake – parking Biela Put – Hotel Ski & Wellness Residence Družba

Jasná – Repiská – Demänovská Cave of Liberty

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Easy hike, time: 1 hr.
Parking Biela Put (yellow marking) – crossroads of yellow and blue makings – Repiská (blue marking) – Parking and bus stop Demänovská Cave of Liberty.

Jasna – Repiská – Demänovská Cave of Liberty

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An easy hike with minimal elevation change, time: 1 hour.
Parking Biela Put (yellow marking) – symbolic cemetery – Ostredok – parking and bus stop Demänovská Cave of Liberty

Nature trail Demanovska Valley

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Moderately difficult hike with greater elevation change, time: 4 hours. 20min.
Parking Biela Put (yellow markings) – Three water (red markings) – Brhliská – Pod Orlou Rock – Luková – A nice view- crossroads Široka Dolina (green markings) – Pod Krčahovom – Luchky bus stop

4 hod. 20 min.


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Demanding high-mountain tour with great elevation change, time: 8 hours. 15min.
Parking Biela Put (yellow markings) – Three waters – Polana Saddle (red markings) – Dereše – Chopok – Demanovska Saddle – Krupová Sedlo (green markings) – crossroads wide valley – the Krčahovom – Luchky bus stop

8 hod. 15 min.


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Demanding high-mountain tour with great elevation change, time: 6 hours.
Otupné (blue markings) – Brhliská – Under Orlou rock – Luková – Chopok (red markings) – Dereše – Polana Saddle (yellow markings) – Three waters – Jasna

6 hod.

Caves and a Lake

Demänovská Cave of Liberty

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This most visited show cave is part of the longest cave system in Slovakia. Visitors are enchanted by its rich sinter adornment and unique underground river Demänovky, casual pond, and typical river carved passages.

Distance: about 7 km (more info)

10 km

Demänovská Ice Cave

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Located in the northern part of the Demanova caves. The occurrence of permanent ice fill is remarkable with a floor of ice, ice columns, stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is open only during the summer season.
Distance: about 9 km (more info)

Malá Stanišovská Cave

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One of the oldest known caves in the Liptov region and in Slovakia. It is the most significant cave for wintering bats in Jánska Valley.
Distance: about 21 km. (Jánska Dolina)  (more info)

Važecká Cave

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Known for its rich fauna and discovery of cave bear bones
Distance: about 50 km (Važec municipality) (more info)

Belianska Cave

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Besides strange rock formations, this cave is known for its rich occurrence of calcite veins. The cave has been open since 1882, more than 230 years. Today over 1000 m. is accessible to the public
Distance: about 80 km (Tatranská Lomnica – Tatranská Kotlina) (more info)

Vrbické Pleso

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Vrbické Pleso is a glacial mountain lake and the largest natural lake in the Low Tatras. Its altitude is 1113 m above sea level. It has an area of ​​0.69 hectares, a maximum depth of 8 m, a length of 115 m and a width of 62 m. From the hotel you reach it across from the entrance to Grand – further along the nature trail Demanovska Valley. Continue this easy hike by following the yellow marked tourist path around the lake´s trail. At the lake you can relax on the benches, in the silence of the forest and enjoy the view of the surrounding ridges of the Low Tatras.

Water parks


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This water park has 14 swimming pools. Sea water, thermal and pure water , 28 toboggan slides and water slides make up the largest water park in all of Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Included at the park is the year-round Tropical Paradise – where neither water nor air temperature fall below 30° C, Celtic Sauna World , and a wellness center.
Distance: about 18 km (in the direction of Liptovský Mikuláš) (more info)

Gino Paradise Bešeňová

More information

This water park is built on thermal springs. In the Adrenaline Zone, open year-round, is a 30-meter high water slide tower with a panoramic view at the top with 6 toboggan slides. It has a total length of more than 1 km. Making it the longest toboggan slide in Slovakia . Inside the water park there are 8 outdoor pools with thermal water , 5 outdoor pools with clear water , and indoor pools with heated water . A one-time experience and unbeatable atmosphere are the sea and ocean surf in a pool with artificial waves .
Distance: about 30 km (Bešeňová) (more info)

Aqua City Poprad

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This waterpark is an ecological center, which features year-round outdoor swimming pools with a temperature of 30-38° C, a covered relaxing thermal pool, Blue Sapphire with chromo therapy, a relaxing thermal pool, Blue Diamond with water beverage bars, childrens pools, Vital World wellness, cryotherapy chamber, fitness and cardio exercise.
Distance: about 70 km (Poprad) (more info)

Adrenalin Activities

Tarzánia Jasná

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This rope park is about 500 m. from the hotel. It is built in the trees and consists of two routes constructed of 34 platforms and 95 obstacles 4-7 m. above the ground. The Blue line (easier) has a length of 281 m., and the red line (more difficult) has a length of 396 m.
Distance: about 500 m

  • The Blue line (easier) has a length of 281 m
  • The red line (more difficult) has a length of 396 m

Summer taboggan run, Pavčina Lehota – Žiarce

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This track has a length of 1,000 m. with 16 turns, six terrain jumps, and two wooden ramps. The total vertical track is 120 m. and can reach a maximum speed of 40 km/hr.
Distance: about 10 km

Rafting on the Bela

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Rafting the river Bela is one of the most beautiful natural rafting trips in Slovakia. Six-man inflatable rafts travel down the Bela river (always accompanied by an instructor) from Podbanske at the Kokavský bridge to the town of Liptovsky Hradok. The river is navigable from April – May. The level of difficulty is moderate to very difficult.
Distance: about 38 km (Podbanské) (more info)

Rafting on the Vah River

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This trip is less difficult. It is an 11 km.- long stretch from Crevena Kuta (at the confluence of the Black and White Vah Rivers) to the village Uhorska Ves.
The level of difficulty is easy, suitable for children.
Distance: about 30 km (more info)

Rafting the whitewater slalom course Liptovský Mikuláš

More information

The course is home to Olympic champions Michael Martikán and Elena Kaliska. The course, with its difficulty and apparatus meet the specifications of world-class competition. Accompanied by an instructor, this course is 350-400 m. long, allowing more rides in the time period of 2 hours.
The level of difficulty: moderate to very difficult.
Distance: about 18 km (more info)

Go-kart racetrack Monaco Grand Prix Závažná Poruba

More information

This indoor circular track is 420 m. in length. Race this track with Subaru-powered 9 hp engines, or our Honda-powered 5 hp engines.
Distance: about 17 km (more info)

Go-kart indoor racetrack KART CENTRUM LIPTOV Liptovský Mikuláš – Palúdzka

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The longest racetrack in central Slovakia, offers fun for the whole family. In addition to go-karts with 5.5 and 9 hp engines you can play billiards and/or foosball.
Distance: about 17 km

Paragliding on Chopok

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A tandem flight with an instructor lasts approximately 10 – 30 minutes depending on the weather conditions and type of chosen flight. Classic,thermal, and acrobatic tandem flights are offered.
Distance: about 800 m (more info)

Rock Climbing Demänovskej Doline

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Climbing limestone walls to a height of 20-40 meters in the area of Machnate in Demänovská valley with a difficulty of 3 – 9. If you are interested we can provide specialized instructors and equipment. Distance: about 5 km

SUPERFLY Tatralandia Liptovský Mikuláš

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A one-and-only adrenalin attraction simulating a free fall in the form of a unique wind tunnel with a circular glass flight chamber with a diameter of 4.3 meters and a total height of 17 meters. Flying in Superfly does not require any physical preparation and is suitable for all physically healthy individuals 6 years and up.
Distance: about 17 km

Monuments & Museums

The Black Eagle Museum, Liptovsky Mikulas

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This building is a national cultural monument. In the past it was a center for cultural life in Liptovsky Mikulas. Located inside the building is a unique exhibition of the history of hunting, and hunting and fishing in Liptovsky Mikulas.
Distance: about 17 km  (more info)

The Art Gallery of P. M. Bohúňa, Liptovsky Mikulas

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It is the third oldest gallery in Slovakia and its collection contains about 5,000 works of art. It has several permanent exhibitions: ancient art – from Gothic to Baroque, Slovak fine arts – 19th to 20th century, Slovak fine arts the 2nd half of the 20th century.
Distance: about 17 km

Koloman Sokol Center, Liptovsky Mikulas

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The gallery owns the largest collection of works of artist Koloman Sokol, a native of Liptovsky Mikulas. The exposition is complete with documentary materials, correspondence of the artist, realism and photography.
Distance: about 17km (more info)

Jan King Museum, Liptovsky Mikulas

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Through historical objects, photographs and archival documents, the exposition gives an up close look at important people and events, a rich economy, and national, cultural and sporting traditions.
The Mikulas Torture Chamber allows a look at the conviction and sentencing of the most famous Slovak outlaw, Juraj Janosik (1688-1713) and the cruel way of his execution.
Distance: about 17 km

The Synagogue, Liptovsky Mikulas

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The synagogue is the most monumental classicistic building in the town and ranks among the largest in Slovakia. As a museum it presents the history of a once large Mikulas Jewish community plus various art projects. Open to the public during the summer in July and August.
Distance: about 17 km (more info)

Rumansky Art Center Liptovsky Mikulas

More information

An exposition of great artists the Rumansky brothers.
Distance: about 17km (more info)

Svaty Kriz (Holy Cross) Wooden Articula Church

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This Lutheren wooden articular church is one of the largest all wooden structures in Central Europe. The church is the last and undoubtedly the most important artistic expression of Slovak wooden church architecture. Its interior includes a Baroque altar, pulpit, stone baptismal, paintings of biblical revelations, and an organ. The church has a capacity to seat 6000 people.
Distance: about 25 km (mroe info)

Museum of Liptov Villages, Pribylina

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This museum is a picture of a medieval seat with the privileges and rights of towns. In addition to wooden residential buildings and farm buildings representing the characteristics of typical folk architecture of the peasants and craftsmen classes, there are also two rare medieval stone buildings.
Together, all the buildings create a unique composition of historical and cultural background that tell of a long-ago Liptov.
Distance: about 38 km

Archaeological Museum – Liptovská Mara

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A complex with a partial reconstruction of residential fortification and cult objects from the younger Iron Age and early Roman period. It is one of the best known and most important sites of Puchov culture in Slovakia. A part of the archaeological museum is the original tower of the medieval church of the Virgin Mary, whose history dates back to the 12th century, and the foundations and walls of a medieval castle on top Havránok.
Distance: about 30km (near Bobrovník)

Vlkolínec Village

More information

It is the best preserved of folk architecture in Slovakia. In 1977 this all wooden structured village was made a monumental reservation of folk architecture, and in December 1993 it was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a real live museum of Slovak peasant houses of lower Liptov.
Distance: about 40km

Orava Castle

More information

One of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia rises 112 m. high above the Orava river on a steep limestone cliff. The first written mention of the castle dates from the 13th century and the castle is one of the most important monuments of castle architecture in Slovakia. It offers visitors historical, ethnographic exhibitions in addition to natural history exhibitions.
Distance: about 60 km (Orava Castle) (more info)

Spis Castle

More information

With its grounds it is considered one of the largest castles in Central Europe. This National Historic Landmark documents the developement of architecture from the 12th to the 18th century.
Distance: about 110 km (Spis Podhradie) (more info)

The town of Levoca

More information

Since 2009 the town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The most significant and unique monument is the Church of St. James with its 11 Gothic and Renaissance wing altars, including the highest wooden gothic altar in the world (18.6 meters). The historic center is surrounded by a massive fortification system with a length of 2.5 km.
Distance: about 95 km (more info)

Summer in Jasná

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