Ludova restaurant 

below Chopok on the Ski Jasná slope Biela Put

Do not miss the unique atmosphere of the hotel’s restaurant Družba, where you can soak up the atmosphere of the “good old days” of Austria-Hungary and taste traditional dishes of the time.

Come and taste the specialties of medieval feasts, pelmeni or crème brûlée and see for yourself how it is possible to combine tradition and quality with current trends in gastronomy.

The interior of Ludova restaurant

The interior of the restaurant’s capacity is 260 seats, and combines the best of mountain folk architecture of our beautiful Tatras and the majestic French Alps.

The combination of wood, stone, a flaming fire in the fireplace and a view of the ski slope, complements and enhances the experience of domestic dishes, and traditional custom.

Unique Austro-Hungarian Cuisine in Our Popular Restaurant

Austro-Hungarian cuisine was excellent and represented a diverse mixture of German, Polish, Hungarian, Jewish, Romanian and Slavic cuisine. Meals are prepared, as our ancestors did – with only fresh ingredients. The menu is in the form of a cookbook and so is its name. It was created to look like a recipe of Austro-Hungarian cuisine with original illustrations and clippings of historical materials.


The terrace of Ludova restaurant

This folk-style restaurant features a terrace, which is a favourite place for barbecues during the summer. In winter, the terrace is especially sought after by skiers who enjoy a fast and exhilarating “Ski lunch” on the slope.

Demonstration of dishes from the restaurant

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