Družba Fortress

An unforgettable experience is waiting for your children.


What is Družba Fortress offering to your children:

Družba Fortress is a fun and educational program for children that combines entertainment with education. For the first year, we have prepared the Družba Fortress as a Winter Game – lot of unforgettable adventures waiting for your kids.

  • They learn will learn the dining etiquette,  learn about Slovak castles and chateaux and learn about ecology and how to help our planet
  • With the children we discover the value of education and respect for teachers and the school
  • There will be also outdoor activities & games – making a snowman, snow ball game & snow skittles
  • Children will participate in our knight´s sport training & will take TheEeco-knight´s vow
  • Every day is designed in a different theme with various competitions, games, quizzes and creative workshops
  • Annimations are led by experienced animators
  • Throughout the game, children will be accompanied by the book, they will fulfil the taks & earn the points & will be rewarded

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