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Fort Družba

The program at Fortress Družba is different – unique. It combines games with learning, fun with education and leisure time activities so children obtain an edifying-educational character.

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At Fort Družba we use Družbáks – our own currency. Družbáks are earned by your kids when they participate in activities like: training a young knight, performing at children’s shows, care of management competence, quiz participation, creating a family crest and many others.

With their earned Družbáks, children can buy ice cream, lemonade, ride on electric cars, get their faces painted, or even pay admission to our wellness center.

Exchanging Družbáks

Družbáks can be exchanged for:

 Lemonade     Ice cream     Wellness center

Kolotoč - letná dovolenka v Jasnej

Everything Fort Družba offers:

  • A Fun-educational program for children – they learn the principles of dining, the value of money and how to provide first aid
  • With the children we discover the value of education and respect for teachers and the school
  • Outdoor activities – wood cutting, nail hammering, animal feeding, shooting a slingshot or bow, orientation games in the woods
  • Children may undertake knight training – with them we will make knight equipment and with their training finish with a sword duel
  • Every day is marked by a different theme with varied competitions, movement, knowledge, fun activities, and creative workshops
  • A children´s program led by experienced program organizers/counselors

Family holiday vacation at Hotel Družba