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Exceptional cuisine of Ľudová restaurant in Hotel Družba ****

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Pirôžky Ľudová reštaurácia hotel Družba

Exceptional cuisine of Ľudová restaurant in Hotel Družba ****

Discover the secrets of the Ludova Restaurant at Ski & Wellness Residence Druzba **** in Jasna!

The Slavs, who now inhabit a large part of Europe, came to Slovakia in the 5th century. In order to survive, they were looking for suitable sources of livelihood in nature. Nowadays, we still know and use the gifts of nature that they have found. Like mushrooms, blueberries, strawberries and other. In addition, they started fishing as well. A hundred years ago, a large fish shop across the waterfront was in operation in Ružomberok. At that time, you would find much more fish in Váh than today. Hunting wild animals has never been missing in our territory, and so the variety of food was complemented by meat.

The Slavic tribes who lived here prepared many meals, which they called BLYN (MLYN). The name derives from the word grind, because to prepare these meals they were grounding grain. They were able to bake the popular sourdough breads and other foods that often took the form and character of today’s pancakes. For example, they put mushrooms or cabbage into those pancakes. Since they used a lot of flour, pirožky originated in this period. They filled them with everything that was available, often blueberries.

Today you can find these popular pirozky in our menu.  Whether you try pirohy filled with strawberries or blueberries. Some prefer stuffed mushrooms and some fish or game meat.

For the preparation of pirohy we use the traditional process, which is for us a legacy from the time of our Slavic ancestors. That’s why these dishes are very popular in our Ludova Restaurant. Together with our great chefs we have documented how they prepare the popular Siberian pelmene (pies) with two kinds of meat and sour cream. They did not want to disclose the recipe to us, but you can enjoy this meat every day in the our Ľudová Restaurant **** from 10:00 to 22:00.

ludova restauracia hotel druzba

Ľudová reštaurácia hotel Družba

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