Catering in hotel Ski & Wellness Residence Družba

From our catering menu, you can choose lunch and dinner in the form of a 3-course menu or buffet, receptions, celebratory gala event with specialties of Slovak and international cuisine and barbecue.

We will also organize for you unconventional evening programs (medieval banquets, oriental night…), wine, vodka and cognac tasting, or prepare a custom made program/evening.


Let´s go back in time to the years 1910-1920 and nostalgically relive one of the most tranquil time periods.
Stroll past the stalls on which are stacked the treasures of local vendors. In one booth you stumble upon wooden cars or copper kettles and at the next turn you can chat or bargain over your greatest deal. Meet on the street a musician with a broad smile who turns the handle of a music box. One eye can catch a glimpse of lively dancers who sweeten the atmosphere of everyday life. Yes! This is also a small taste of all the temptations that pull you into the world of urban markets.

Slavic Bazaar is a traditional Slavic celebration of good food and the fun in the manner of outdoor markets. Farmer’s Market is known the high quality of goods it offers. Meals are presented on wooden carts, in copper kettles, on clay plates, and wooden trays. From a bicycle and woven baskets we offer pretzels. From a clay pitcher, wine from a barrel is poured. Hotel staff dressed in period of those times are mingle with the guests. Four market stalls are prepared for our guests:

  • Butcher´s
  • Greengrocer´s
  • Baker´s
  • Dairyman´s

Obliging staff are ready in each stall to show guests the production and processing of the goods offered. The baker makes homemade bread and buns with his own hands. A dairyman churns butter in a butter churner. A butcher pushes a cart of homemade sausages, servings and serves food straight from the cart. A lady greengrocer presses sauerkraut in a stone barrel.

Guests can try all culinary activities, and with their own hands, thereby adding to the experience of a traditional City Market.

Go back in time, to once long ago and organise an unique company party to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Medieval Age. pInterestingly enough was the way food was eaten: soups and mash were eaten with wooden spoons, and meat with just bare hands. Food was passed to the mouth by hand only. At least 5 courses have been served, where foods like venison, fish, fruit, vegetables were not left out.

Medieval cuisine was characterised by the richness of its ingredients: meat, leguminous plants, bread, carrot, gherkins, cabbage, eggs, cheese, butter, onion, garlic, apples, pears.

The bones from food were thrown around the table,which were collected by dogs. Typically, animals were grilled in whole. People ate chicken, rabbits, pheasants, partridges, quails, pigeons prepared in sweet style with honey and figs.

Mash was very popular. There were growing numbers of crafts and bakeries where people baked their own bread. Typically, medieval age cuisine was an alternation of sweet and spicy flavors.

The original way of dining is preserved with wooden tables without table cloths and with benches, big iron candlesticks, clay jars, chalice cups, wooden spoons, tin trays, clay plates, eating with hands, staff dressed in fancy old time costumes, live or stereo old-time music to create a medieval age feast atmosphere.

We serve:

  • Grilled meaty ribs
  • Grilled turkey cooked on fire or charcoal
  • Grilled fish
  • Grilled pieces of meat served on a sword
  • Grilled peas mash
  • Barley mash
  • Sweet mash with honey, raisins and nuts
  • Fruit bowl
  • Grilled caramelised apples and pears
  • Baked meaty pierogi
  • Pickled cabbage
  • Boiled eggs, grilled vegetables, fresh vegetables typical for medieval age
  • Potato pancakes
  • Homemade rising bread with traditional recipes
  • Beer, wine, water with lemon

Conditions apply:

  • minimum of 20 people, maximum of 45 people

Program for the night: welcoming of guests, stereo music, ritual of feast, cutout photoshoot of knight

You can order live medieval music for fee, which will create an unforgetable atmosphere, a band will play traditional music of the 15th century, so everyone will get the feeling of true authentic Medieval times.

Ceremony of drinking vodka “like Russians do”

Everyone of us has, at one time or another has heard stories about how people drink vodka in Russia.

Try this for yourself, and you don’t have to travel too far. All you need to do is  come to our 
Ski & Wellness Residence Družba Hotel, where you are more than welcome to stay for a visit!

In the middle of Red Square, at the base of the huge walls of the “Kremlin“, near St. Basil´s Cathedral, you will be welcomed by our “tour guide“ dressed in a typical Russian costume. He will take you through  the history and culture of drinking vodka in a witty and interesting style. You will find out how important the  role Dimitrij Ivanovich Mendelejev played in  the birth of  modern vodka in Tsar‘s Russia. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to drink vodka properly, what meals to eat with it, what “strafnaja“ or “bruderschaft“ means, and not forget to mention drinking vodka from a sword! During the whole show you will be entertained  by traditional music and movies as well as  funny stories.

The tasting is located in the Hotel restaurant where you can find a rare collection of vodkas from all over the World, and you will also find carafes.

The ceremony is enriched by traditional meals, which are served during the tasting with the idea of giving you a better and authentic experience at our show. You will enjoy delicious meals such as: Ukrainian borscht with home made pirogi, beef stroganof, stewed mushrooms in sour cream known as “Julienne“, “bliny“-Russian pancakes with caviar, herring and salmon. We prepare products and treats ourselves such as: gherkins, stewed kapusnica – saurkraut soup, meat jellies, Kiev lamb or pork chop, pelmeni and other goodies.

For an authentic experience we recommend a singing duo that entertains with  limericks “častušky“ and well known Russian songs such as Kalinka, Moscow nights etc.. which you can dance or sing to along with the  band.

For tasting, here is a list of vodkas we offer: 

  • Kalinka 
  • Bulbas
  • Rusian diamond
  • Five lakes
  • Moskovskaya osobaya
  • Russian standard
  • Stolichnaya
  • Nemiroff
  • Tsar vodka

Price offer:

Version A: €35/per person 5 kinds of vodka and full-course meal
Version B: €45/per person 7 kinds of vodka and full-course meal
Band: €700 – upon request

Price includes: tasting  vodka with relevant count of full-course meals, presentation

Thematic nights

Soirée – Combination of wine with food

€ 50 / person
It includes buffet served as a tasting menu.
We recommended for a group of minimum 30 persons and maximum of 60 persons.
Wine 0.06 l / pers. / serving

Riesling grape selection 2013 semi-dry, white
80g Marinated salmon

Gewurztraminer selection of grapes, semi-dry, white
75g Goose liver with caramelized apples

0,25l French onion soup

Blaufränkisch variety, selection of grapes, red
120g Beef bourguignon with baguette

Antinori Chianti Classico, Péppoli, red
120g Confit duck breast with potato gratin

Graham´s Fine Ruby port, sweet, red
100g Mousse au chocolat


This reception consists of 2 soups of your own choice, a cold and warm buffet, desserts, and side orders.

Selection of soups (a choice between 2 soups)
(výber 2 polievok)

  • Mushroom soup with forest mushrooms with cream and dill
  • Vegetable soups
  • Homemade bean soup with meat and sausage             
  • Garlic soup with smoked cheese and baked bread
  • Slovakian sour cabbage soup
  • Fish soup
  • Beef consommé with semolina gnocchi and vegetable strips ,Julienne’

Warm buffet
(600g per person)

  • Jäger goulash
  • Cooked bull’s tails with marrowbones, flower tip and vegetables
  • Beef stew cheeks
  • Tripe stew
  • Mixture of ground meat
  • Roast goose with cholent
  • Tirol ribs
  • Veal stew
  • Vegetable lasagna
  • Gefilte fish fish
  • Masterchef special   

Cold buffet
(300g per person)

  • Cheese chunk
  • Cooked beef tongue with horseradish
  • Medium cooked pork medallions from leg, which were marinated, smoked and slowly cooked
  • Home-made ham
  • Selection of paté
  • Meat jelly with marinated onion
  • Home-made “Buršty“
  • Salad bar
  • Fruit bar
  • Masterchef special

(150g per person)

  • Selection from desserts and home-made cakes

Side orders
(250g per person)

  • Tirol dumplings
  • Baked pierogi with meat
  • Rice
  • Steamed cabbage
  • Vienna potato salad
  • Pasta with olive oil and garlicc
  • Sauces and dressings


  • 35€ / person is valid for 60 people or more.
  • From 45-60 people there is service charge 4€ per person.

We recommend having the reception at dinner time, with a maximum duration of 3 hours


Coffee break 1
2,50 €/per person
Mineral water, coffee/tea

Coffee break 2
3,50 €/per person
Mineral water, coffee/tea, fruits

Coffee break 3
5,00 €/per person
Mineral water, coffee/tea, salty/sweet pastries, fruits

Coffee break 4
5,00 €/per person
Mineral water, coffee/tea, 2pcs open sandwiches or canapés

Coffee break 5
6,00 €/per person
Mineral water, coffee/tea, 2pcs open sandwiches or canapés, fruits

Coffee break 6
8,00 €/per person
Mineral water, coffee/tea, salty/sweet pastries, 2pcs open sandwiches or canapés, fruits

  • Salty pastry: pork crackling pastry, sheep cheese pastry, cheese sticks, salty sheep cheese wheel, cheese biscuits, sticks of puff pastry, puff pastry snails – cheese, ham, with Parma ham with spicy sauce, Mini pizza
  • Sweet pastry: cookies, vanilla rolls, coconut rolls, strudel, gingerbread, yolk cuts poppy cuts, honey cream cake, apple cake, cottage cheese grated pie, cottage cheese cream cake, plum cake with sprinkles, coconut slices, nuts and custard slices, caramel cubes, kiwi cake, croissant
  • Open sandwiches: cheese, ham, prosciutto, salmon, Caprese salad
  • Canapés: olive tapenade, tomato tapenade, cheese, ham, marinated salmon, prosciutto, poultry pate, salmon mousse

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