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Appropriate wardrobe for skiing trip

Wrote by Ski & Wellness Residence Družba day

Appropriate wardrobe

Do you know how to dress properly for a skiing trip?
Has that ever happened to you that you did not dress appropriately, and you were freezing on a ski lift and sweating bullets on your way down?

Yes, it happens. Even to experienced skiers. Weather can be unpredictable, and you cannot simply account with everything nor can you put on or pack your whole wardrobe.

Maybe you just picked up skiing or you would like to buy some new sportswear for the upcoming winter season. Or perhaps just read some tips from an experienced skier?
Then continue reading. These might not be some breakthrough news but well-known facts, that should be reminded to vacationers.

How to dress without going overboard

The times of huge thick sweaters and snowsuits is long gone. There is no need to put on 8 layers of clothing in order to not be cold on the slopes.
Skiing is mainly a sport during which the body warms itself due to physical activity. That is why we choose modern thermo-clothing which doesn’t have to be too pricy.

First layer: your second skin

First layer is good thermal underwear

Very important factor are socks. It might take a while to find the right ones for every weather.
The safest choice are ones made from merino wool.
Your torso should be covered with layer of thermal breathable material which traps body heat to provide warmth. Certainly not cotton. Cotton absorbs your sweat and then uncomfortably cools you throughout the day. These breathable materials get rid of your sweat and do not cool you. Choose your shirt based on weather and personal preference whether it is long or short sleeve.
You do not have to pay hundreds for high-quality thermal underwear. You can buy great clothing for around 25€.
You need to keep an eye on weather forecast while getting dressed and adjust thickness of your layers.

Second layer: to keep you warm

Even though this layer helps getting rid of your sweat as well, its main priority is to keep you warm. Fleece sweaters and jackets are ideal, which excel at preserving warmth.

Your second layer should not contain a waterproof membrane, so your body can breathe.
Prices range from 15€ to 150€. It all depends on certain brand.

Third layer: to finish strong

This layer consists of great jacket and snow pants. It is ideal if they contain a waterproof membrane, which stops the water and strong wind from entering as well as drains moisture away from your body.
When purchasing these we should keep an eye out on these parameters: water repellency and vapor permeability. It indicates how much water (rain, snow) a jacket can hold before it starts to let first drops through. The higher the water column, more waterproof and expensive the jacket is.
20 000 indicates that the jacket can hold through dense rain or snow.

  • < 2 000 mm. These jackets are ideal for casual wear and can protect you from light rain or snow. They are not suitable for touring.
  • 2 000 – 5 000 mm. We can mark these jackets as waterproof, they are applicable for light summer touring or kids wear. Not ideal for mountains.
  • 5 000 – 10 000 mm. Winter coats of this category are convenient for Slovakian mountains as they are very durable. Just adjust bottom layers properly.
  • 15 000 – 20 000 mm. Top class winter wear for real mountain climbers and adventurers that are challenging high mountains. These jackets are practically totally waterproof.
  • > 20 000 mm. Sportswear for extreme conditions. These jackets and coats are worn by real mountain climbers that are challenging the highest mountains. This expensive sports wear is unnecessary and pointless for regular users.

Most popular membrane is Gore-Tex, but there are several more from other manufacturers with lower price and comparable features. Keep an eye out for the vents on your wear and open them if the weather gets too hot. They are inconspicuous, but they really make a difference.
Necessity is a snow belt on your jacket as it prevents snow from getting under the jacket. Coat and pants are very durable as they are made to protect you.

Our hotel store offers wide selection of everything you could need. You can choose from multiple brands, materials, colors and prices.
We wish you luck with the selection and have a great holidays.

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